Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Relief Support

For more than twenty years, Saint Island has been taking on active role of extending charitable works and resources to support reliefs and recovery aids to families affected by major accidents or calamities, such as earthquakes and typhoons. 

On September 21, 1999, the biggest earthquake since the end of World War II rocked the island, and Central Taiwan was gravely affected.  Saint Island had immediately sent monetary donations to various charitable organizations.  Besides that, the firm offered long-termed interest-free loans to colleagues whose families were directly affected, so that they could rebuild their homes. 

In 2015, Saint Island donated imported medical materials for skin regeneration to some of the victims of the colored powder explosion at an amusement park that caused severe burned injury to about 500 youths in June that year. 

Further, when one of the century’s strongest earthquakes struck Tainan just few days before the Chinese New Year holidays in 2016, Saint Island immediately visited some of the affected families and later bought and donated a set of the latest firefighting equipment to the Fire Department of Nantou County.

Meanwhile, via the Saint Island Charity Foundation, Saint Island had provided single or composite educational assistances to children of affected families of the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion of 2014 and the Typhoon Nepartak that smashed villages of Taitung in 2016.

Support to the Underprivileged Families

In 2011, Saint Island donated NT$30 million to establish the Saint Island Charity Foundation.  The Foundation has been focusing mainly on subsidizing the educational needs of local children from underprivileged families, as well as emergency rescue project for poverty-stricken families.  The annual relief funds are sourced from donations from public, including our Saint Island colleagues, and, at the same time, Saint Island has pledged to donate to the Foundation a fixed percentage of both the handling fees collected and the annual profit.  The Foundation helps close to 200 students and 90-100 families annually.  As the Foundation attaches great importance to transparency in operation and management, it was appraised as a superior charity by the local authorities.