About Saint Island

Saint Island

Saint Island Group is an intellectual property group specializing in offering comprehensive legal services in all areas of intellectual property. It consists of several strategically allied business entities, including Saint Island International Patent Office, the founding member of the Group and established in 1974; Saint Island International Law Office, established in 1988; and Saint Island Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., established in 1998.

With offices in major cities of Taiwan, including Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi and Kaohsiung, the Group has engaged in assisting domestic clients seeking intellectual property protection not only in Taiwan but also in countries worldwide. The Taipei offices are particularly staffed with lawyers, patent attorneys and patent engineers well experienced in international intellectual property practice and capable of meeting the needs of international clients in all aspects. Our teams in these offices work closely together to offer our clients a dynamic combination of expertise in the field of intellectual property.

Branch Office

The Group has established a broad network of business relationships with over 1000 foreign associates across the world. With the continued assistance of our foreign associates, we have gained and applied valuable knowledge and experience in international intellectual property practice. This has earned us the esteem of many foreign associates, resulting in an increase in the number of patent and trademark applications entrusted to us for filing on behalf of their clients in Taiwan. At the same time, we can ensure that our domestic clients' cases are in the care of trustworthy foreign associates.

By expanding to new areas of service and collaborating with Beijing Saint Island Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tie Chi Patent Firm, Saint Island has been able to provide one-stop, quality-oriented and cost-effective services to clients seeking IP protection in the Greater China Region.

The Group now has around 500 staff members in total, among which approximately 45% are professionals in the field of patents, 18% are professionals in the field of trademarks, 4% are specialists in litigation, 5% are language professionals, the rest being supporting clerks. We pride ourselves in that 54% of our current staff members have been with us for over 10 years. The Group has maintained a steady growth rate for the past years and hopes to continue to thrive with the support of our domestic and foreign clients, as well as our foreign associates.

We developed the very first trademark database in Taiwan by meticulously archiving approved and registered trademarks. The database is now accessible to our domestic clients for conducting online trademark searches. We publish a monthly journal, the "Intellectual Property Report," to introduce the most recent news in IP practice across the world to our domestic clients, and send newsletters to our international clients and associates to bring their attention to any significant changes in IP law and practice in Taiwan.


Guided alike by the founding principles of "Specialty", "Competency", "Honesty" and "Integrity", we create a positive work environment where knowledge and experience are shared as part of our long-term sustainability efforts and the abilities of our staff are fully exploited in the best interests of our clients. We take every opportunity to prove and better the reputation that we have carefully cultivated over the years.

With more than four decades of expertise and experience, we continue to provide quality legal services in the intellectual property area and contribute to the promotion of intellectual property rights in the international community.